The whole is equal to the sum of its parts

Can we accomplish great things without a true leader?

One of the things I learned a few semesters ago is that a widely distributed group of people with diverse skills and talents, working asynchronously, can collaborate WITHOUT a designated leader to accomplish incredible things.
This Radiolab podcast on “Emergence” forever changed the way that I will think about leaders and groups. It consists of several fascinating segments, one of which deals with ants. Fireflies figure largely in another part. Can we learn a lesson from them?
I am grateful to Dr. Kathryn Stam of SUNYIT’s Information, Design and Technology graduate program for sharing this with us during her course on computer-supported cooperative work:
What are your views about the podcast?
Perhaps this blog can work in the same way. Each of us can be worker ants. We can do the grunt work that benefits the whole colony: We can reflect on the past; identify problems; set goals for ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, our communities; and find out what works, what doesn’t. We can also link to and learn from blogs, websites, videos, and stories about people or programs that have made a difference.
I’m tired of polarized politics, decay in our neighborhoods, and the loss of hope that so many people feel about the future.
It’s time to work together for change.